Vroom Quick-Clean Central Vacuum Accessories are manufactured by H-P Products.

H-P Products’ Central Vacuum business unit is dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of residential Built-in Central Vacuum Systems and Accessories.  H-P's innovations began in 1955 with the introduction of a central vacuum system that required no bags or filters and exhausted to the outside – VACUFLO® True Cyclonic®. Since then, H-P has continually focused on product innovations designed to make central vacs more affordable, more convenient and easier to install. Some of these insightful and popular product enhancements include lightweight in-wall plastic tubing, automatic inlet valves, lightweight flexible plastic hoses, turbine powerheads that require no electricity and quick-clean hose management products.

Built-in Central Vacuum Systems

H-P Products manufactures, markets and distributes many popular brands of central vacuum systems including VACUFLO®, Dirt Devil® and Element.  All brands are sold through diverse dealer networks and distribution channels that support the homebuilder industry and homeowners. H-P has also designed central vacuums for the RV industry since 1972.

To meet the needs of a growing customer base, H-P has expanded beyond the True Cyclonic line of central vacuums to create lines with various filtration methods. These include Filtered Cyclonic, Inverted Filter Cyclonic and Paper Bag units.

Vroom Quick-Clean Central Vacuum Accessories

H-P also developed Vroom, a series of specialized cleaning tools powered by a central vacuum system. These accessories create a convenient cleaning experience for consumers by putting central vacuum power where they need it most: where daily messes occur. Products include Vroom Cabinet, Vroom Garage and Spot by Vroom. H-P is committed to evolving the Vroom family of products to include more convenience products for consumers.

Turbine Products

In 1980, H-P Products, in partnership with Black & Decker, designed and introduced the first turbine-driven powerhead to the central vac industry – the TurboCat® Plus. Due to its consumer and industry popularity, H-P has continually redesigned and improved this innovative powerhead over the years, and even created a smaller handheld version of it in 1982 called the RugRat®. Today, H-P's turbine products are sold worldwide through dealer channels and to Original Equipment Manufacturers in the central vacuum industry.