Great for Litter Boxes
Any cat owner knows that cleaning the area around the litter box is a daily chore. No matter what special mat or ramp your litter box might have, your furry friend always finds a way to track litter on the floor. With Spot, it only takes seconds to clean up litter box mess. And that will make both you, and your cat, happy.
The No-Touch Way to Clean Dryer Lint Screens
Cleaning the lint screen of your dryer has never been easier with Spot! No more lint left on top of the dryer or on the floor - Spot cleans the screen fast and leaves nothing behind. And Spot is also great for detergent spills in the laundry room!
The Quick Way to Clean Pets
Attach a Pet Brush attachment to the hose and Spot becomes a great pet groomer. Loose hair and dander go into your central vacuum rather than all over your house. And Spot is also great for spilled food left behind by your pet.
Clean Everything Tracked in Your House
Leaves, sand, mud - your family brings those messes into your foyer or mudroom on a daily basis. Why waste time looking for brooms, dust pans, mops or other cleaning supplies? Just reach for Spot and the mess is cleaned in just seconds!